Maid Service in Arlington Heights IL

I enjoy Snooker so much that I even bought a table to enjoy it at home. However, everyone in our house got too busy to play the game, so we just kept the snooker table in our basement. It has been ages since my family played with it.

That instantly changed when my cousin called and told me that they would be coming over for the weekend. He explicitly reminded me that we would have a snooker match when they arrive. I was both excited and panicked about the visit. Our house looks clean but since my grandmother is coming as well, “looks clean” is never enough.

So I scrambled and searched for a maid service in Arlington Heights IL. I contacted the nearest one in my location, and we scheduled the cleaning date. I requested for two maids to do the clean up to save time because there are other rooms to be cleaned.

The housemaids arrived on time and promptly started with their work. After a few hours, the house smelled great, and it feels like the air around the house felt fresh. I do not recall feeling this way in my house before.

That evening, my relatives arrived. The snooker game is in order, but the little nephews kept on saying that we were playing billiards. To set the record straight, I had to explain to them that Snooker may look like billiards, but there is a striking difference between the two sports. I even narrated to them the differences:

–    Billiards uses three colored balls, white, red and yellow while Snooker uses 15 red balls, six yellow balls, and a cue ball.

–    The cue ball in billiards is white and yellow while it is only white in the game of Snooker.

–    The first player to pocket all the designated balls is the winner in the game of billiard. Snooker, on the other hand, uses a point system. The winner is the one who gets the most points.

Now that the kids were satisfied with my explanation we proceeded with our game. My granny then came out of her room looking very happy with the cleanliness of her room.


Tree Service in Vancouver Washington

We could not play snooker in our backyard because of our shaky tree. We discovered that it was rotting a year ago, but we did not think that it was completely damaged already. The tree holds a lot of memories, even the old tire swing is still hanging from it.

This morning, my dad decided that it was time to let go of the tree for our safety and to prevent damage to our property should it collapse. Everyone was sad about it, but there was nothing left to do with it.

So my dad called the nearest tree service in Vancouver Washington to safely remove the tree from our backyard. My father never thought the process would be that easy. They scheduled the date when the tree could be eliminated and coordinated with the people responsible for the tree removal.

It was a bit dramatic to see our tree fall. The spot where it was once is now clear. The yard looks like it’s missing a tooth to complete its smile. But it was all right. It was for everyone’s safety anyway.

My dad kept a few slab from the fallen tree because he wants to try to make snooker balls out of it. My grandfather has a wood workshop so that project could be easily carried out. It is also a great keepsake from the tree that stood in our yard even before we moved to the house. We will now be reminded of our tree every time we play Snooker in the backyard.

Limo Rental Christchurch

We are going to a Snooker tournament in our place when one of the team members decided to arrive in style. It was our first time to reach the finals, so everyone wanted it to be memorable. I was tempted to refuse because it was a non-ranking tournament, anyway. But my hopes of riding a limo is just within reach, so I happily said yes. It is also a happy thought that even if we win or lose; we will have a cool ride going home.

The payment for the limo will not be sponsored, so we have to pass the hat to afford it. We contacted limo rental Christchurch for a quote and to know the specifications of the limo. We were so excited with the car but found it hilarious that we can only afford one hour use of the service.

We then decided just to have the limo shuttle us from the tournament venue to the restaurant we reserved to celebrate our victory or defeat. It was all set, and all we need to do is to show up to the tournament and do our best.

Since the tournament is non-ranking, it means that it is only an invitational event and the players must follow the rules set by the organizers. A single event is a common type of game but team tournaments, such as the tournament we are in, have started to emerged. I should say that it is more satisfying to compete as a team than individually.

The day of our competition arrived, and we had a blast in spite of losing the game. We fought our way hard to the finals, and it is not that bad to be second place and shuttled by a stretch limo on the way to our tournament party.


Fencing Services in New Hampshire

My family has just installed a fence around our house. It made us feel secure, and it gave our yard an instant lift. Even our dog Spot seems to like the new fence. He kept on running around the yard since the installers from the fencing services in New Hampshire left us with a beautiful fence to look at.

My mom made lots of plans for the yard already. She can finally start her herb garden without worries that some stray animal will ruin it. My dad also invited some friends over to have a barbecue on the weekend.

The fence seemed to provide us with a brand new section of the house. We have had this backyard long ago, but it is only now that the family is enjoying it. We even took out our snooker table to the porch so we can play there. Mom was happy with the move because there is now an extra room in our house.

Snooker has been our family’s official past time. If others enjoy boardgames and computer games, our family is hooked on Snooker. We only miss a snooker match when we are outside the house on the weekend.

We always look forward to Snooker. My mom would prepare the refreshments, and we will all play the game for hours. Snooker is different from billiards and pool. You do not have to be the first one to shoot all the balls to the pocket to win. Instead, you have to strategize to earn more points as you play.

You have to try Snooker, so you will understand how enjoyable it is.