Open B-Grade and 147 Report

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

147 Snooker

A very high standard of potting in this headed by Gordon Dong with 590 points from 7 x 21 minute frames including 117 in one frame.  In the afternoon re-draw he also had the highest score of 477 followed by Lee Rudolph with 463.  Rudolph was in front by 24 points going into the last round and looking like winning the event but Carlson failed to hit the yellow in his last round game against Dong who got 20 points before the bell went.

B-Grade Snooker

Also a time frame tournament, player of the day would have to go to Junior, Pravil Kant who played some impressive snooker end up with 4 wins in section play then beat Ashwin Kumar in the Quarter-finals 2/1, Cliff Keach in the semi-finals 2/1.  Unfortunately in the final he had a rush of blood in the final frame losing to Evan Carlson who had beaten Lee Rudolph 2/0 in the other semi-final.

Report by Malcolm Beehre

Open 147 and Open B-Grade Snooker Results

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Results for the 147 Snooker and Open B-Grade Snooker

27th and 28th of June, 2015

Held at: ACBS Clubrooms, 713 Mt Albert Road, Royal Oak

 147 Snooker

1st – Gordon Dong

2nd – Lee Rudolph

3rd – Ron Milicich

4th – Bruce Davies

 Open B-Grade Snooker


Lee Rudolph beat Bruce Davies 2/0. Evan Carlson beat Bill Andrews 2/1. Cliff Keach beat Kenny Liew 2/0. Pravil Kant beat Ashwin Kumar 2/1.


Evan Carlson beat Lee Rudolph 2/0. Pravil Kant beat Cliff Keach 2/1.


Evan Carlson beat Pravil Kant 2/1.

City of Auckland Snooker

Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

2015 City of Auckland Snooker

This tournament was filled with suprises.  The first one was last year’s winner Greg Moreton not qualifying for Post Section play.  Veteran, Kenny Joyce in the last match of the day against Nyan Win Aye winning 2/1 to qualify as the best overall 4th much to the delight of the players staying for the Post Section Draw.  Unfortunately Joyce of course drew the No 1 qualify Henry Killian who went on to win the event.  Section One saw three players on 3 wins each top was Vinny Gounder +5 next Deepak Bala +4 and Evan Carlson +1.  Junior Mikey Stewart had a mixed day qualifying 3rd in his section but had a great day on Sunday getting through to the semi-finals where he went down to Killian 3/2.  Last 16, Henry Killian beat Kenny Joyce 3/0.  Cliff Keach beat Dave Gourley 3/1. Deepak Bala beat Ashwin Kumar 3/0. Mikey Stewart beat Vinny Gounder 3/1.  Gordon Dong beat Eric Ou 3/0, Evan Carlson beat Sani Roberts 3/1. Lee Rudolph beat KD Singh 3/1. Steve Robertson beat Dale Kwok 3/0.  Quarter-Finals, Henry Killian beat Cliff Keach 3/0. Mikey Stewart beat Deepak Bala 3/2. Gordon Dong beat Evan Carlson 3/0. Steve Robertson beat Lee Rudolph 3/2.  Semi-Finals, Henry Killian beat Mikey Stewart 3/2. Steve Robertson beat Gordon Dong 3/0. Finals, Henry Killian beat Steve Robertson 3/2.

Report by Malcolm Beehre

Auckland Women’s Snooker

Posted on Thursday, June 18th, 2015

2015 Auckland Women’s Snooker

14th of June, 2015

Held at: ACBS Clubrooms, 713 Mt Albert Road, Royal Oak


Ramona Belmont beat Nita Clarkson 2/0. Temple Geayley beat Kimberley Cullen 2/0.


Temple Geayley beat Ramona Belmont 2/1

Highest Break

Ramona Belmont – 34

Auckland Veteran’s Snooker

Posted on Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Auckland Veteran’s Snooker

A good field of 14 playing 2 sections of 7 format was 1 frame round robin with 4 to qualify from each section.  Frames were limited 25 minutes and a one foul and miss rule was played.  All seemed to like this format and post section games were best of 3 with the same time limit.  Plate games were still 1 frame but with no time limit.  Plate games were still 1 frame but with no time limit.  Top qualifier was Bernie Steward on 6 wins followed by Wayne Carey and Dave Gourley both on 5 wins each.  Quarter-Finals, Steward 2, Ron Milicich 1, Gourley 2, Bruce Davies 0, Evan Carlson 2, Roy O’Connor 0, Carey 2, Cliff Keach 0.  Semi-Finals, Steward 2, Gourley 1, Carey 2, Carlson 1.  Final, Steward 2, Carey 1.  Bill Andrews won the plate over Barry Littlechild.

by Malcolm Beehre

North Island 9-Ball Championships

Posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Women’s Results

1st – Ramona Belmont

2nd – Lisa Everett

3rd – Connie Adams

4th – Klare Hamit

Men’s Results

1st – Matt Edwards

2nd – Glen Coutts

3rd – Toan Nguyen

4th – Will Wen

5th – Louis Chand

6th – KD Singh

7th – Lincoln Muaulu

8th – Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan

Coaching on Tuesday Nights @ SnookerWorld

Posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Classes limited to 6 per class.  Format is 1 hour coaching using 3 tables plus 2 hours free  table time.  Nightly fee is $5 per person.  1st session is 6pm.  2nd session is 7pm.  Anyone wanting to attend must register with Barry Littlechild.

Clubs NZ – 2015 National Snooker and Billiards

Posted on Friday, May 29th, 2015

Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club ..  11 to 16th May 2015

Chartered Clubs NZ Billiard Championship

Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club,  Hamilton …

Best of 5x 150up format

Semi-finals :  Gary Oliver (Papanui Club, Ch/Ch) bt Russ Delahunty (Porirua Club, Wellington)  3-0,  Wayne Carey (Bays Club, Akl ) bt  Darren Taylor (Hamilton Cosi Club)  3-2

Final:  Wayne Carey (Bays Club)  bt Gary Oliver (Papanui Club) … 3-0

Highest break … Gary Oliver 101


Chartered Clubs NZ Snooker Championships

Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club .. Final on Saturday 16th May 2015

 Last 8

Dean Latus (Tauranga Citizens Club) bt Mike Healey (Wanganui East Club) 3-2,  Barry Ede (New Plymouth Club) bt Stephen Guptill (Hamilton CRSC) 3-0,  Willie Matthews (Wanganui East Club) bt Matt Scarborough (Hamilton Cosi Club) 3-1,  Gordon Dong (Henderson RSA) bt Jim Parkin (Porirua Club) 3-0

Highest break (so far) …  Gordon Dong 107

Semi’s : .. starting at 8.30am Saturday 16th May

Latus vs Ede,  Matthews vs Dong

Dean Latus is on course to defend his Clubs NZ title…. BUT .. Barry Ede,  Willie Matthews and Gordon Dong are very keen to be the 2015 Champion.

With Thanks … Wayne Carey … CMO … 022 489 3020

Auckland A-Grade Snooker Report by Malcolm Beehre

Posted on Friday, May 29th, 2015

2015 Auckland A-Grade Snooker

A full field of 30 players with a lot of top class snooker.  There were 2 ladies in the field due to Ramona Belmont taking up her cue again and she acquitted herself very well by winning her section with 4 wins and only dropping 1 frame on the way to qualify 5th overall for the post section draw.  Gordon was the highlight in section play with a splendid 109 break and qualified 2nd overall for post section play.  The previous week Gordon won the NZ Cosmopolitian Club Snooker singles also having the highest break of 107.  There were a couple of upsets in section play with Toan Nguyen beating Deepak Bala 2/0 and that section ended up with 3 players on 3 wins each.  Top qualifier was Henry Killian.  Last 16 results, Killian 3, Bruce Davies 0, Evan Carlson 3, Vinny Gounder 1, Belmont 3, Dave Gourley 0, Sani Roberts 3, Kenny Woon 1, Louis Chand 3, Cliff Keach 0, Sam Travis 3, Nguyen 0, Deepak Bala 3, Mikey Stewart 0, Dong 3, Neil Barnes 0. Quarter-Finals, Killian 3, Carlson 0, Roberts 3, Belmont 2, Travis 3, Chand 1, Bala 3, Dong 1.  Semi-Finals, Bala 3, Travis 0, Killian 3, Roberts 2.  The final, Bala beat Killian 3/0.  The plate was won by Keith Un who beat Jamish Kant 2/0.

Highest Break – Gordon Dong, 109

Malcolm Beehre

APA Regional 9-Ball Championships

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Men’s Semi-Finals – Marvin Padrigo beat Will Wen 8/6, Matt Edwards beat Kevin Zhang 8/7

Men’s Final – Kevin Zhang beat Marvin Padrigo 9/5

Women’s Semi-Finals – Ramona Belmont beat Connie Adams 5/2, Hami Nguyen beat Lisa Everett 5/3

Women’s Final – Ramona Belmont beat Hami Nguyen 7/2

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